Pet obesity is the number one health risk that pets face globally and when 9/10 people of overweight pets see their weight as normal, it is quite the cause for concern for premium pet food brand, Hill's Pet Nutrition. One of the key drivers of trends in the category is the humanisation of pets. This often leads to humans projecting their wants and behaviours onto their pets. The result of this often ends up in feed pets unhealthy snacks, the wrong foods and even leftovers. 

We needed an alternative. So we created a pet treat booklet with healthy and quick and easy-to-make recipes using only Hill's pet foods and basic ingredients found at home. But "we" eat with our eyes first, so we created the treats then styled and photographed them professionally and visually enticing enough that it would whet any human's appetite too! 

Photography & styling: Chrizanne van Breda
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