ASICS asked us to launch their fuzeX range to a ‘new generation of runners’. We created the #GetTheX campaign that teased the launch and challenged people to think whether they had what it takes to ‘get the X’. We flipped the usual ‘hey, look how cool we are’ approach often seen in this highly competitive category.

To launch the campaign we got ASICS brand ambassadors, influencers, bloggers and media personalities to do a high-stakes, all-out rush to find the X on the Sea Point Promenade. They had to team up to unlock each stage which challenged them both mentally and physically.

The campaign was teased the day before the launch which resulted in it trending twice online (the evening before during a competitor’s shoe launch and on the day). The campaign then rolled out in-store and across social media to continue challenging a new generation of runners. A generation now kitted in ASICS fuzeX.
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