Pet obesity is the number one health risk that pets face and 9 in 10 pet parents mistakenly identify their pet's weight as normal. We realised that most often pet obesity is a human problem. So we made it a human problem. We created the "just a little extra vest" - an adjustable weighted vest so that we could simulate what it feels like for a 4kg cat to be a mere 1kg overweight or 1.5kg for a 6kg dog. 

We partnered with dog-walker and local influencer Poochy Coo to wear the vest and share this experience with his thousands of fans online. We filmed one of his outings to further create some social conversation around pet obesity and SA's #1 pet weight-loss food, Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic. 

After a lot of positive feedback and commitment from fans and audiences to have their pets weighed at their vet, we challenged the presenters of South Africa's biggest morning television show Expresso to wear the vest live on air and share their experiences while educating their viewers about pet obesity and how Hill's can help. Challenge accepted! With a lot of huffs and puffs. 

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