Talent Boom 28 Seconds

The Talent Boom, a boutique recruitment agency in the creative industries, was looking for a cost-effective way to connect with hiring managers in order to secure new clients.

To get the attention of hiring managers we needed to not only add value, but to do so in a memorable and creative way. We distilled their ethos, communication and culture into “connecting creativity creatively”.

The insights? Interviews are hard! It’s a key moment for both the candidate and hiring manager, but often repetitive and overly rehearsed. Hiring managers need to judge aptitude, attitude and chemistry in a short time, while candidates are faced with research that states first impressions are made in as little time as seven seconds.

We injected creativity into interviews by creating ’28 Seconds – A boomingly brilliant creative first impressions game’. Yes, we made a game for interviews and all you need is your phone’s timer and our game kit. The kit delivered to hiring managers consisted of an introduction letter and a cool, metal game box with a set of 24 game cards and a rules leaflet. The game is played by each party taking turns to prompt the other to correctly guess the four phrases on each card (without saying them out loud) in 28 seconds (which is four seven-second first impressions). When effectively used as an ice-breaker, the game tests aptitude, attitude, verbal skills and quick-thinking.

We also launched an online version to play on The Talent Boom’s social media channels, as well as made the game material available for download on their website.