Hill’s Pet Obesity Vest

Pet obesity is a human problem, so we made it a human problem.

9/10 pet parents mistakenly identify their pet’s weight as normal, so we had to illustrate a problem many don’t even see. Our creative insight was that we had to show them how a little extra weight can have a big impact.

We created the “Just a little extra” Vest which simulates what it feels like for an average cat or jack russell to be a mere 1 kg overweight. We partnered with the ultimate dog walker, Poochy Coo and challenged him to wear the vest on his walks. He shared these intense experiences with his large following of pet parents, which we captured, shared and promoted online.

The vest was also featured on SABC 3’s Expresso show where the presenters were challenged to wear it throughout the programme to understand and convey the plight of overweight pets.